The Spark Revenue Group

Maximize the revenue of your online inventory.

We work with small, medium and large publishers that are interested in maximizing the revenue potential of their valuable inventory.

Why work with us?

  • Exclusive Offers; Owned and Operated by Spark Revenue
  • In House Creative Team
  • Prompt Creative Approvals and feedback
  • Prepop Capabilities Across our offers
  • Right Pricing based on traffic quality

We provide publishers with exclusive offers that are tested and optimized to ensure profitability.

Owned and operated offers by Spark

*Most offers below have full form and email submit versions.

Pre-pop variables

Advertisers Maps To
Address 1 address
Address 2 address 2
Age age
City city
DOB Day dobday
DOB Month dobmonth
DOB Year dobyear
Email email
First Name first
Last Name last
Middle Name mi
Home Phone hphone
Home Phone Area Code hphone1
Home Phone Prefix hphone2
Home Phone Suffix hphone3
IP Address ipaddress
Cell Phone Area mphone1
Cell Phone Prefix mphone2
Cell Phone Suffix mphone3

Lynn Diptee

Account Manager


skype: LynnSparkRevenue